Lunasea Full Moon Glow Party – Summer Season Kickoff

Prepare to dive into the shimmering lights and electrifying atmosphere at Seacrets in Ocean City, Maryland. As Seacrets kicks off the 2024 Summer Season with our much-anticipated Lunasea Full Moon Glow Party. This exclusive event happens only once a month under the full moon’s radiant glow. An unforgettable night filled with world-class entertainment and immersive glow-in-the-dark experiences.

The Lunasea Full Moon Glow Party is not just an event. It’s a phenomenon. On Thursday, May 23rd, Seacrets transforms into a glowing Rave. As the moon casts its fullest light over Ocean City, the night comes alive with glowing attire, luminescent decorations, and an audience-dressed neon.

Go Go Gadjet

Go Go Gadjet Band DJ Cruz Seacrets

Delivering an explosive performance, Go Go Gadjet will elevate the night with their dynamic sound and high-energy stage presence. Known for their innovative approach to live music, the band seamlessly blends pop, dance, and rock, ensuring every beat resonates perfectly with the glow of the night.

DJ Cruz

DJ Cruz Live

Accompanying the spectacular band is DJ Cruz, one of Seacrets’ most electrifying artists. With his finger on the pulse of the dance floor, DJ Cruz will spin a seamless mix of the latest hits and timeless classics, all tailored to keep the party glowing till the early hours.

What Makes Seacrets' Lunasea Parties Unique?

Seacrets’ Lunasea Full Moon Glow Parties are a hallmark of Ocean City’s nightlife, offering a unique blend of natural celestial beauty and cutting-edge party experiences. These events are specially designed to celebrate the full moon’s mystique, enhanced by the latest in glow technology—from wearable glow items to elaborate neon lighting setups throughout the venue.

This party also marks the official start of the 2024 Summer Season at Seacrets, heralding a series of unforgettable summer events. It’s a perfect opportunity for locals and tourists alike to experience the heightened essence of summer fun, relaxation, and community spirit, set against the backdrop of Ocean City’s picturesque landscapes.

Start your 2024 Summer Season May 23, 2024 at Seacrets

As the 2024 summer season begins, the Lunasea Full Moon Glow Party stands out as the premier event to attend in Ocean City. With the stunning performances of DJ Cruz and Go Go Gadjet, and the unparalleled atmosphere of Seacrets, this party promises a night of uninhibited fun and excitement. It’s a celebration of light, sound, and community—under #LunaseaParty2024 #SeacretsOC #FullMoonGlowParty