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CRUZ – Opening DJ Set for Shaun Frank at Seacrets

Posted by Cruz on June 20, 2018

Cruz to Open for Shaun Frank Ocean City’s DJ Cruz Opens for Shaun Frank during the Corona Electric Beach party Sunday June 24th. In 2016, Frank co-wrote the chart-topping single “Closer” by The Chainsmokers.   Shaun Frank was the singer of Crowned King, a Canadian pop/rock band. After that, Frank was involved with The Envy, a […]

Weather.com Above average warm

Above average Warm Weather Spring and Summer 2017

Posted by Cruz on February 17, 2017

May is gonna be Above Average Temps.. By Chris Dolce Feb 17 2017 Weather.com In May, that warmth is expected to stay parked across the nation’s midsection and the Deep South, but also spread through the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states. That means US in Ocean City .. May 2017 temperature outlook. Summer is gonna be […]